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We know how frustrating, tiring and limiting living with shoulder pain can be. Whether it's the result of a short-term injury or a chronic long-term problem, managing pain is a large concern for many. Our chiropractic shoulder pain treatment in Muscat, Oman are specifically designed for you and you will experience healthcare in a warm, caring and friendly atmosphere.

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Get Relief from Pain With Chiropractic Shoulder Pain Treatment in Muscat, Oman

Shoulder and upper extremity pain can be the result of degenerative changes, direct injury to tissue through physical trauma or from repetitive stress injuries. The shoulder pain treatment Optimal Spine & Joint Center begins by determining the cause of the problem and provides advanced chiropractic and physical therapy to correct the problem. It is important to strengthen and rehabilitate a problematic joint to avoid re-injury, and a home exercise plan is given to all patients to help achieve optimal joint health.

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The images below show the relationship between the spine and upper extremities. Problems that originate in the spine can cause compression on nerves and radiation into the shoulder and upper extremity.

Corrective chiropractic has short term and long term treatment options, allowing our team to treat patient seeking advanced shoulder pain treatment in Muscat, Oman.

For a full assessment of the spine and upper extremities, Contact our office today or fill out our online form and let us help get to the cause of the problem!